Azeroth Coast to Coast is a community focused podcast, featuring Kevin, Chris and Gavriil.  Our first show went live on November 25th, 2016.  The show features news, stories and topics designed to help players, and more often than not, gives us a venue to complain about things or argue with each other.  Never calm, often irreverent and always potty mouthed, the guys love to talk WoW and Blizzard properties.

Kevin “Swingkat” is our resident newest player.  The Karl to our Ricky and Steven.  The Dustin Hoffman to our Tom Cruise.  Kevin is a long time battle.net veteran who started playing Blizzard games back when you dialed into an opponent.  He began playing WoW during Warlords of Draenor, and currently raids on the US-Dalaran server with his guild.  He smells of lilacs and shoe leather, with undertones of fresh earth and guava.

Chris “Akari” lays claim to being the longest subscribed player on the show.  Resident lore nut, he’ll talk your ear off about Illdan if given the chance.  A WoW veteran from classic, he currently plays on the EU-Magtheridon server with his guild, where he is the main tank.  He currently plays a Brewmaster/Mistweaver Monk.

Gavriil “Gavriil” is, regrettably, the first voice you’ll hear on the show.  A veteran WoW player from classic, he is currently a garbage tier tank on the garbage tier US-Eldre’thalas server.  He has spent way too much time slaying digital dragons, which is why he currently plays only casually.  He still does 15 Ulduar Hardmode raids a week, because next week will be Mimiron’s Head guys.  I have a good feeling about it.